The Twenty-Four Hour Album

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The End of Another Story

Well, that is all we did in the 24 hours we devoted to the album. No, we didn't quite make it a full 24 hours, but I certainly was up for at least that much time if you include setup and breakdown. One of my favorite parts of the day is listening back to the whole raw album as we wrap cables, and tuck away each maraca and kazoo. I can surely say that as an artifact, this is the best album we have done. The final product is really only a small part of the experience. It is the raw and ever present energy in the creative process of the whole day that makes me excited to do it time and time again.

There is some footage of the album this year, and when I get some time, I will post it on the blog. We are planning the 2009 album for the summer, so keep posted in May/June for a whole new set of micro-legends.

Thanks to all of you who participated this year.

The Twenty-Four Hour Album Band of 2008:
Kurt Cole
Andy Halladay
Jamie Halladay
Pat Halladay
Rachel Hofmann
Aaron Johnson (aka. Ukulele Loki)
Andrew Jones
Christopher Jones
Rob Linder (aka. The Butcher)
Nick Ramke
Karen Sama
Jesse Weight
Davis Wimberly

15. Wakan Tanka (feat. Uncle Pat)

It was late, really late. Everyone had gone but the three of us diehards. Jamie had called Uncle Pat earlier in the day to get a recording of his honest voice. Uncle Pat phoned this little proverb in from his home in New Mexico. We filled out the ambience with some meditative flutes and drums–a peaceful ending to a long, adventure-filled day.

15. Wakan Tanka (feat. Uncle Pat)
Uncle Pat - Sage
Jamie - Native Flutes (Alto Recorder), native drum, Sleep machine
Andy - Spa Synths
Kurt - Steel Rain, Percussion

Sunday, February 8, 2009

14. Space Prison

It was late, and I barely remember what was going on at this point. I'm not sure I knew what I was doing at the time, so forgive my hazy recollection. Anyhow, after "Breakin' Up Full Time" wrapped up, there was a slow shift in the energy. Ukulele Loki reassumed his titular role by laying out a riff on his Uke, all while playing his keyboard will the pegs of his Uke to make a bassline. Jesse and Jamie apparently had run off to conjure up some new lyrics for yet another legendary tale about a hardened criminal. Not just any criminal, but an intergalactic space fugitive. Here is his/her tale...

Jesse - Criminal 1
Jamie - Criminal 2
Ukulele Loki - Micron Bass and Uke
Andy - MicroQ Swinkles, GarageBand samples
Davis - Djembe
Karen - Scrapey Scrapey Spoons (or some other metallophone)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

13. Breakin' Up Full Time

Ukulele Loki and Davis took the lead for this late night number. After getting a solid jam together with Davis' foot stompin' riff and Loki's wonky interjections, the two put together a little story about trials and tribulations over a breakup–what I assumed was based on an inside joke. Jesse added her own layer to the story–the female perspective in the scenario with her own, more conclusive agenda to the breakup.

13. Breakin' Up Full Time
Ukulele Loki - Vox, Wonky Synths
Davis - Vox, Guitar, Djembe
Jesse - Vox
Kurt - Homebass
Karen - Tom-toms
Andy - Maracas

Friday, January 30, 2009

12. 24 Hour Love Song

The idea came about that we should do an a cappella number, given that we had so many bodies and strong singers. What resulted is a prime example of 24 Hour Album magic: no rehearsal, no consensus, no concept, roll tape! Well, we wanted to make a love song. I guess there was that. Christopher and Jesse took the forefront at first singing a beautiful love duet, when suddenly the song took a hard left turn. "Giddy up on the pony, girl!"

12. 24 Hour Love Song
Christopher - Lead Male Vox, Beatbox
Jesse - Lead Female Vox
Jamie - Pony Vox
Andy - Bass Vox
Rachel - Oohs and Ahs
Ukulele Loki - Oohs and Ohs
Davis - Ahs and Oohs
Karen - Ohs and Ahs

Kurt may have sung too. There were a bunch of us crammed around two mics.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

11. ...So Now It's Mine

New faces, new fresh energy, and an entirely new gender for the first time this year showed up in the evening. After Christopher and I came up with a stupid chord progression (V forever, then finally I), this magical number came to life. First-timer, Jesse, glued the twangs, tweets, twirls and twitters together with her steady declamations about work frustration–a topic no one could be foreign to. The unwavering G7 chord juxtaposed against Jesse's credo to "just keep goin' on" speaks to the spirit of human perseverance.

11. ...So Now It's Mine
Jesse - Vox
Rachel - Alto Recorder
Andy - Guitar
Christopher - Pianer
Kurt - Glockenspiel
Jamie - Maracas, Harmonica

Monday, January 26, 2009

10. Soldier and Death

Jamie came back from his song writing session in what once was the "game room" of Kurt's house. He brought this somber tale to us about a soldier's tale of luck, life and death–based on Jim Henson's Storyteller rendition of this Russian tale. He structured a song complete with melody and chords. What resulted was the Twenty-Four Hour Album's most serious endeavor–a respectable and unique addition to the album.

10. Soldier and Death
Jamie - Narrator, Chimes
Andy - Guitar, Oohs
Rachel - Oohs
Christopher - Oohs
Andrew - Oohs

Friday, January 23, 2009

9. Interlude

Well, Jamie ran upstairs to write an epic and tune. Meanwhile, this interlude came together after a good interval of dilly-dallying. Kurt and Christopher depict a couple of fine, English gentlemen in an engaging conversation about family history, diet, mining, among other riveting subjects. This track makes a fine interlude to the latter half of our day.

Kurt - Son of a Whore
Christopher - Tommy the Chimney Sweep
Andy - Piano
Danny - Ride Cymbal

Thursday, January 22, 2009

8. You found your way in now find your way out

Every Twenty-Four Hour Album (seems) to need some metal. This years answer was a conglomeration of diverse forces. Kurt leads this angsty number with his matter-of-fact advice. Andrew makes his debut appearance on Kurt's famed "Hondo" guitar. This one's for you, man! "Welcome to the Twenty-Four Hour Album!"

8. You found your way in now find your way out
Ol' Man Kurt - Lead Vox
Andy - Shredder
Andrew - Rhythm Guitar
Christopher - Home Bass
Jamie - Drums
Danny - Cow Bell

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

7. Black Santa Claus

The titular track of the 2008 album, and the Twenty-Four Hour album's premier into the genre of reggae. Being that it was mere days before Christmas, Kurt and Danny found inspiration from our timeless Christmas darling, Santa Claus–in Jamaica, that is. They explore the dichotomy between the traditions of Christmas and Rastafarianism. Something I somehow overlooked in my days as a Reggae guitarist.

7. Black Santa Claus
Kurt - Lead Disciple
Danny - Backing Disciple
Jamie - Reed Organ
Andy - Home Bass
Christopher - Drums

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Delay on Postings

Sorry gang, I have started the spring semester at CU this week and it has been a busy start. I'll try to get the final tracks (15 total songs this year!) posted throughout the next couple of weeks.

Also, I created a myspace page for the album. Be it's friend if you are on myspace! I've got some of the later tracks posted on the myspace profile.

Twenty-Four Hour Album MySpace Profile:

If you go to, you will find a similar project by a group in Milton, Illinois done a few years ago.

Happy gradual-return-of-sunlight!

Friday, January 9, 2009

6. Robot Conversations

This next track is an electro-lover's delight. Kurt and Jamie's improvised dialogue is a robo-fantasy charged with robot-chivalry, sexual exploration, and eventual declaration of catastrophic warfare of man vs. machine–all accompanied by a cool retro 80's, euro-dance club groove. This one's headed for the clubs, coast to coast. Watch out!

6. Robot Conversations
Jamie - Robot 1
Kurt - Robot 2
Christopher - Robo MC
Andy - 8 Bit Triangle Wave (Bass riff)
Butcher - Beats, Saw Wave (interjections)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

5. Highway 104: The Ballad of Johnny Fenderbender

An all-American tale of moral dilemma: wife and kids; mistress and mayhem. The Butcher threads his tale while Jamie and Christopher provide a little depth to Johnny's story. In the end of this folk tale, Johnny's life falls apart, falls apart, falls apart at the hoedown, hoedown, hoedown...

5. Highway 104: The Ballad of Johnny Fenderbender
Butcher - American Troubadour, Sine Waves (Bass)
Christopher - Guitar, Backing Vox
Jamie - Banjo, Backing Vox
Andy - Mandolin
Kurt - Drums

4. Rant No. 4 or 5

Sorry, Nick, we couldn't remember which number it was when we named the songs at 3:30 in the morning. Well, Nick came by, poetry pad in one hand, a sixer of Henry Weinhard's root brew the other, and graced us with his delightful rant. We all picked up our chosen music makers and created this ambient texture over Nick's intonations.

4. Rant No. 4 or 5
Nick - Raconteur
Butcher - Synths, Samples
Jamie - Kalimba
Christopher - Log Drum
Andy - Bongos
Kurt - Steel Rain

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

3. Jammin' with the Butcher

It was early afternoon by the time the three of us diehards had a new face to gaze. The Butcher joined us with his usual arsenal of fruit and firearms (macintosh, electro sound boxes and gizmos, and of course bass guitar). Before we even had a moment to setup, we were also joined by cousin Christopher (of Tangerine Jam) ready to throw down some twitchy twangs and tingles. The Butcher laid down a track and thus this retro 1970's feel good jam was born.

3. Jammin' with the Butcher
The Butcher - Loops, Bass licks
Jamie - Sax swashes and squawks
Christopher - Guitar squalls
Kurt - Bongos

Monday, January 5, 2009

2. Epic Sword Fight Battle on Top of a Train through a Tunnel in a Forrest at Dawn

I'm not sure what 24 Hour Album would be complete without some 1980's cinematic action music. We featured Kurt's new swords in this track. Complete with chanting choruses in three octaves, this epic three minute battle keeps the imagination captivated. The name says it all.

Jamie - Keys, Big Sword, Falsetto
Andy - Drums, Medium Sword, Contrabasso
Kurt - Home Bass, Baritone Vox

Thursday, January 1, 2009

1. Showdown at High Noon

We opened this album with a cute ditty featuring mandolin and cap gun. The mandolin brought us back to the days of Jeremy Stern's bright riffs from his mandolin pickin' prowess. This bubbly beat breaks our fast of what turned out to be a hell of an album. We even brought the drum set out of the corner of the room! Sounds like a small detail, I know, but it was a rite of passage for this album.
Kurt - Home Bass
Andy - Mandolin
Jamie - Drums, Vox, Cap Gun

The Seventh Annual Twenty-Four Hour Album 2008

It's Here! The Seventh Annual Twenty-Four Hour Album 2008: Praise Jah!

Photo of Black Santa Claus courtesy of Soul of Christmas

I will be releasing tracks regularly, after the fellas and I do a final mixdown. You can download them directly from this blog, or subscribe to our podcast:

Enjoy! Please post comments in this blog if you wish to.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Origin of the Twenty-Four Hour Album: Part II

Jamie, one of the original veterans of the 24 Hour Album and Historian, is interviewed at the mixdown of the 2008 album about the origins of the 24 hour album.

Origin of the Twenty-Four Hour Album: Part I

For all who may be wondering how this 8 year project started, here is a video interview with the Twenty-Four Hour Album's own Kurt.